Letter from the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

I am happy to present the University of California, San Diego 2014 Annual Report, with a financial overview of fiscal year 2012–13. The report describes the crafting of a strategic plan to guide the campus for the next decade. UC San Diego’s future success will require collaborating across diverse disciplines in order to solve the world’s most complex problems, as we build on the university’s legacy of innovation and exemplary service to the community. And most importantly, the plan going forward places a renewed and stronger emphasis on enriching the student experience at UC San Diego.

Although UC San Diego is still a relatively young school, its excellence and growing institutional strengths are no longer a well-kept secret. Ranked among the world’s top twenty universities, we are not the unknown campus anymore. Alumni are becoming more engaged with their alma mater, which is reflected in the record number of alumni donors and their support of the university. Overall private support rose significantly again this past year, and continues its steep upward trend. By 2016, the towering new UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center will help to transform the San Diego region into one of the nation’s premier medical destinations.

Financial sustainability is a critical challenge for our dynamic public institution, at a time of diminishing dollars from state and federal sources. We are continuing to diversify our revenue base, locate new revenue streams, find innovative ways to reduce costs, and significantly enhance our endowment.

This year I end my twenty-eight years as the vice chancellor for Business Affairs at UC San Diego, and I depart feeling immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the wonderful students, faculty, and staff of this university. The talented people who built this great university did so believing in a dream of tearing down the walls between disciplines and focusing on those areas where UC San Diego could make a difference in the world. Those talented people included members of the surrounding community who saw a great university as the key to San Diego’s future.

That dream has been fulfilled, and I cannot begin to express my thanks for being a small part of the miracle that is UC San Diego.

Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs