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UC San Diego alumnus Rex Pickett ’76, author of Sideways, the best-selling novel about the exploits of two old college buddies on a wine-enriched road trip, donated his personal papers to the UC San Diego Library’s Mandeville Special Collections in 2013. The archive includes letters, photographs, and other memorabilia from the novel and the wildly popular movie it spawned.

Rex Pickett ’76; Pickett as a film student and his mentor, visual arts professor Manny Farber

The Sideways movie, which garnered an Academy Award for best screenplay, is also the basis for Sideways the play, a collaboration between Pickett and Tony Award-winning director Des McAnuff. In summer 2013, the play was staged at the La Jolla Playhouse.

Pickett, a summa cum laude graduate, studied film with the late Manny Farber, a film critic, painter, and visual arts professor at UC San Diego. The Rex Pickett Papers chronicle the writer’s ups and downs as a novelist and as a screenwriter for movies and TV.

The Mandeville Special Collections is the repository for the archives of numerous prominent writers, artists, scientists, and poets, ranging from the Dr. Seuss Collection to the archives of Nobel Laureates like Harold Urey, Hannes Alfven, and Maria Goeppert Mayer. The library’s Archive for New Poetry is recognized as one of the most comprehensive collections of American poetry in the nation.

Library Launches TV Channel

Author Jay Parini discusses thirteen books that changed America. UC San Diego psychiatrist Joel Dimsdale presents his findings on the Rorschach tests administered to Nazi leaders. UC San Diego political scientist Steve Erie talks about San Diego’s leadership challenges and missteps.

All this video content and more is available on the UC San Diego Library’s own television channel, launched in 2013 on UCTV, the University of California’s award-winning TV station. Programming is accessible from a portal on the library’s home page, from UCTV’s home page, on UCTV, and on iTunes and YouTube.

As the intellectual heart of the UC San Diego campus, the UC San Diego Library serves the knowledge and information needs of faculty, students, and the general public. With its small-screen presence, the library now has another powerful outlet for sharing its valuable collections and intellectual heft with the world at large.