Focus on the Future

Image source:  Ramanathan lab, Scripps Oceanography. See also Ramanathan et al, Nature, 448, 575–78.

Focus on the Future
UC San Diego Annual Financial Report, 2007–2008

UC San Diego, one of the nation’s premier research universities, is widely acknowledged for its local impact, national influence, and global reach. Renowned for its collaborative, diverse, and cross-disciplinary culture that transcends traditional boundaries in science, arts, and the humanities, the university attracts exceptional faculty, stellar students, and outstanding students. The campus is committed to shaping the future, as a leader in sustainability and a living laboratory for climate change research and solutions. The cover image, for example, depicts unmanned vehicles that flew over the Maldives as part of research underway at Scripps Institution of Oceanography by climate and atmospheric sciences professor V. Ramanathan. His research, which focuses on analysis of pollution-filled “brown clouds” and the impact of greenhouse gases, points to the retreat and melting of Himalayan glaciers, a crucial water source for China, India, and other south Asian countries. This is just one example of the compelling UC San Diego stories featured in this year’s annual report. We hope you enjoy them.

The UC San Diego Annual Financial Report 2007–2008 was published by the University Communications and Public Affairs Office for Steven W. Relyea, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

This year’s report includes the financial report of the UC San Diego Foundation for 2007–2008.