Letter from the Chair of the UC San Diego Foundation Board

Peter G. Preuss

The UC San Diego Foundation is proud to partner with the university in its vision to be a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public institution. During the past year, our young campus continued to propel upward in recognition and stature—UC San Diego regularly surpasses many of our peer universities in prestigious national and international rankings. Donors, alumni, and community members tirelessly and generously provide their time, talent, and treasure to ensure we are nimble and creative in maintaining academic excellence and reaching our goals.

The UC San Diego Foundation raises and manages philanthropic support in the form of new gifts for endowment and expendable purposes to benefit this magnificent campus. In fiscal year 2014, more than forty-five thousand gifts totaling $148.3 million enhanced our ability to perform important research and instruction, provide greatly needed scholarship and fellowship support, and fund the Jacobs Medical Center Challenge initiative. The foundation’s endowment grew by more than $74 million in value, and the foundation transferred more than $79 million in charitable funding to the campus during fiscal 2014. Total assets of the foundation are now in excess of $700 million.

As part of the university’s Strategic Plan, four themes have been defined to direct UC San Diego studies and exploration in the decades ahead. Potentially life-changing research occurs here every day, not only in our traditional labs, but also by encouraging students to fuel ideas for products and businesses. Charitable support is often the catalyst for innovation and discovery, and your gifts do make a difference.

UC San Diego is truly an exciting place. As an alumnus of the first graduating class of Revelle College, I am extremely proud of the advances we’ve accomplished and the changes on our horizon.

Thank you for a fantastic year!

Peter G. Preuss, ’67